Composing for NASA

Composing music focused on helping telling the story of one of the biggest science missions of our time was an exceptional experience.

For this project I chose to use a symphonic hybrid approach.The depths of the orchestral sound weaved into modern electronic tones allowed the music to express the sense of wonderment and scope of this bigger-than-life story.


“ScoreSongs provides music composition, songwriting, production, and music supervision to leading media giants such as Marvel, Netflix, Disney, Electronic Arts, and others. ScoreSongs is a collaboration that began in 2009 between songwriter/composer Guy Erez and music supervisor David Ari Leon.”

It has been a great ride working alongside David, his music supervision talent and skills enabling me to push myself to a higher level of composing and producing music.

our collaboration created hundreds of TV episodes Theme songs and score. I feel fortunate working in this unique setting and looking forward to sharing our future projects with you.

“Miracle” featuring Jason Mraz

Songwriting is a big part of my career, I love weaving music and poetry together. Miracle was born after I was invited to write for Alan Parsons new album.

Alan’s idea to bring Jason Mraz to the mixture has lifted the song to a higher level. We recorded Miracle live at Alan’s beautiful studio in Santa Barbara California, Here’s a short interview about the making of “Miracle”.

“Miracle” was released as the first single of the album “The Secret”, playing bass on this album was a great experience, You can enjoy the entire album in the link below.

Lights & Bridges

LIGHTS AND BRIDGES doesn’t demand attention. It’s the kind of subtle musical-spell one has to lean into to truly receive. Producer Guy Erez creates immersive arrangements that magnetize via their purity and restraint.

Jeremy Toback

It started with an inspiration and developed into a friendship, I met Tom Rossy through a mutual friend after he moved to LA from New-York. When he came by my studio and played a naked version of “Superball”, I knew I wanted to produce it, It’s a beautiful song that started a journey that evolved into “Lights and Bridges”.

Alan Parsons Symphonic Project new dvd and Blu-ray

Alan Parsons Symphonic Project video

It’s been over six years of traveling the world with this great group of musicians, led by the great Alan Parsons.
Being together for that long, both on and off stage, created closeness and a strong sense of family within the band, It helps all of us grow both as musicians and people.

In 2014 we recorded a concert with a live orchestra, in Medellin, Colombia, The concert aired live on TV.
A new DVD and Blu-ray of this show was released on May 27th, 2016, You can get it at Amazon.

Alan Parsons Symphonic Project “Sirius” (Live in Colombia)

Alan Parsons Symphonic Project “Eye In The Sky” (Live in Colombia)

Lupita Nyongo for WildAid

WildAid is raising awareness to wildlife conservation

Animal poaching is a subject I became aware of In the past year, after meeting A gentleman by the name of Peter Knight, heading the WildAid organization with a mission to end the illegal wildlife trade, and protect endangered species from disappearing from this world.

I was moved by the cause and the vision. Composing music for the campaign was my way to contribute, to hopefully put an end to terrible practices.

I see this mission as important, so we can preserve these wonderful animals to roam safely.

Visit Wild Aid organization’s website for more information

Playing bass on Miley Cyrus “Hands of Love”

Some things move really fast, late July i got a call from my friend, producer Kerry Brown, he wanted me to play bass on a new song he co-produced with Linda Perry who also wrote the song. We got into the studio the same day. Our session had a great flow, It’s always fun to play on a song that’s so well written and being a part of a project that a shining star like Miley Cyrus is heading.

To read the Billboard article click Miley’s picture above, To hear the song, click below.


Touring 2015

guy underground_edited

Photo credit: PJ Olsson

2015 sent me to many cities around the world, But getting to play in Israel, my native country early this year with Alan Parsons and the band was a special experience, We had a great show and had some local artists join us on stage. The Israeli crowd was great!

In June I played in Los-Angeles, my current home town, I love LA!

Later this summer we had a series of shows opening up for Deep Purple, one of them was closing the Quebec city summer festival, in front of 50,000 people . What a year.


Ziggy Marley’s Fly Rasta won the Grammy

Ziggy Marley’s Fly Rasta won the Grammy for the best Reggae Album!

I recorded with Ziggy Marley in the past, He empowers creativity around him, that makes a great environment to work in.
Next, I was called to play some bass on “Fly Rasta” and had the opportunity to be a part of a great group of musician appearing on this album.

Congratulations, Ziggy!

Click the album cover to listen.

“Fragile” Alan Parsons single

The sound and the ambiance of this song are taking me back to my teenage years when I was sitting with headphones for hours and listening to records. I’m feeling like I’m closing a circle, as I’m honored to be one of the songwriters on the new single “Fragile”, alongside Alan Parsons and Pj Olsson
It is available on iTunes

Fragile Alan Parsons